Monday, October 3, 2011

Cinta dan benci

Hello, today is the last day of spring break! me no likey *apekehe entah dok cakap ayat ni lately ni. hahaha. esok dah start lectures and tutorials balik. i need to boost up my study spirit after been spending a week break without doing anything that is beneficial. so i would like to thank my friends, Farihin from Macquarie University and Fairuz from Wollongong University for spending their time with me. i really had blast! thank you and i love you both.

One friend of mine has a heart broken disease. hahaha. okay correction, heart broken issue. she is a very nice girl indeed. semua yang kawan dengan kawan i ni mesti akan rasa happy je sentiasa sebab dia ni seorang yang talkative dan sangat lah peramah. good news is, she has no boyfriend and she's actually looking for one. anyone interested? :P the heart broken issue arise because she actually has fallen in love with a wrong guy. i pon disagree with her choice.

She definitely deserve someone better. much much much better! i know sooner or later there must be someone out there for you. dont rush into things my dear. i personally think that love should be real and unconditional. only this kind of love can fill us up, make us whole, be there for you whenever you need them, and gives us the feeling of genuine happiness. i believe everyone wants that kind of love because i pon sendiri desire that kind of love :) hehe.

Everyone wants to be happy. tapi by having no boyfriend pon kita boleh happy jugak kan? we still have friends and family. in addition to that, there are so many things in this world that you can do that can make you happy. for instance, shopping! haha whenever i feel unhappy, i love to go shop. tak kisah lah window shopping je ke or just roaming around the mall but this is one of the thing yang boleh buat i lupakan masalah i. everyone should figure out one!

Love will come in the right time, right moment with a right person. have faith in yourself! love will come through. i tahu kalau tak usaha, benda tu tak datang sendiri kan. tapi yang penting Allah s.w.t tahu yang terbaik untuk kita. jodoh pertemuan semua di tangan tuhan. jangan bersedih hanya kerana seorang lelaki. seorang lelaki yang kita still unsure akan jadi teman hidup kita selama lamanya or just for temporary. so just be happy and keep on smiling :D

I cakap pasal benda ni in general. so bukan untuk kawan i je, tapi untuk semua orang :) i mintak maaf awal awal kalau ada yang disagree dengan pendapat i ni. i just cakap apa yang i rasa betul je. okay? pernah dengar quote ni, 'everyone wants happiness, nobody wants pain, but you cant have a rainbow without a little rain'. so apa je yang kita nak dalam hidup ni, mesti ada upside down, mesti ada sakit, mesti ada dugaan dan cabaran. nothing worth having comes easy.

*Cehh tak pepasal jadi Dr.Love. haha
Enough said, thank you for reading this entry !

p/s: I love you SA


Pendamba Mawar said...

entri yang best..wah da boleh jadi pkar cinta la awak ni..:)

Syazwan Che Deraman said...

lelaki yang baik, untuk perempuan yang baik.. ;)

have a good day.

Aisya said...

best best ! i agreed =D

Rtp Farra Arisha said...

agree. i do agree with ur statement. u must give her big spirit as she's ur best friend. whatever happens in her life, u gotta be a good listener to her right?? hehe.
cinta boleh dicari for few times, but teman sejati susah dicari dan kebarangkalian ianya datang pada suatu ketika saja! :)

salam to ur friends ;)

asfira aminuddin said...

sometimes bila ada boyfriend but not happy pun what for kan? being in a relationship untuk kita rasa secure and bahagia. you are right babe :)

nuruashia ♥ said...

agreee!~ you cant have a rainbow without a little rain

era kecik said...

era singgah kat blog yang hebat ini :)

nur hidayah isa said...

lawa gambar...hehehe...

wah dah macam dr cinta lak ek..

nazirah said...

siyez suke gmbr tu.. suke bnyk !!!! :)