Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Grocery shopping

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Hello :) i just got myself back from Pai's house. i had my lunch over there. pai cooked ayam masak lemak cili padi and kangkung belacan. it was super delicious but its a bit spicy for me. my lips nii tak berapa tahan pedas sangat even though i memang suka makan pedas. thank you pai muah muahh ;* before that, we went for a grocery shopping at Woolworth or nama glamour woolie. usually hari selasa memang hari i beli barang dapur pon. once a week selalunya i pi.

I beli beras, susu, sayur, buah, snacks, and other stuff for cooking purposes. i beli beef and chicken too. selalu i akan beli stok untuk seminggu. it usually cost me less than $50 per week. lately, i rajin break down all my expenses huehuehuehue :p believe it or not, i nak start menabung. its a must actually. berjimat cermat itu amalam terpuji, membazir itu amalan syaitan hihi. so i try cut down few expenses yang tak berapa penting. so i can save some money.

And before i pi Woolworth tu *banyak betul before* hehe, i went to the mall sebab today and tomorrow ada offer fragrance sale up to 30% sempena mother's day. so i manage to get few new fragrances. i am so happy :) cehh padahal baru cakap nak saving lah bagai dekat previous perenggan puii. tapi yang ini memang murah betul so its worth buying. kan kan? agree cepat kalau tak, i tanak kawan haha. i only had one class which is accounting lab for one hour 9.30 to 10.30am.

Today 8 of May dah kan? wuwuwuwuwuu how time flies. my daddy akan datang sini less than a month lagi. he will be staying here just for a night. yes just for a night. dia datang for a visit plus dia ada few meetings dekat Sydney nanti. nasib baik masa dia datang, i dah cuti *study break*and fyi, i dah berjaya tukar flight i to earlier day. HOORAYYY! :D happy and excited gilaa bila dapat tukar hehe. dapat jugak i balik awal. so i guess i will be seeing you soon, Malaysia!

Just a random update. lack of idea nak update apa. lagipon nothing interesting happened recently. i'm doing all the same thing everyday. but now i dah start prepare for final exam, lagi sebulan je lagi. takutnyaa saya :O ohh btw, i bought a snorkel set for me and acap. mine is pink in color haha its acap's favourite color and acap punya color hitam! it will arrives in late May. hopefully barang dia quality okay lah since i beli through ebay. dalam gambar macam cute je :p

Thank you for reading this entry!


ATHRHB said...

Good luck for your exam,be bless :D

Kyra said...

mesti sweet snorkel pink kann :)

haNem said...

something interesting gonna happen this year?hahaha

Izzatie said...

@Athrbh, thank you babe! :)

@Kyra, nanti dah sampai i tangkap gambar ye hihi.

@Hanem, hahahahaha dah tau ke? shuhhh jgn bgtau sesape :p malu hihi.