Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Adreena Shawl

Hello :) I baru dapat shawl baru, its Adreena Shawl from Terbaik Dari Ladang or usually known as TDL. Sangat best ok tudung ni, material die chiffon, two layers basically. Sangat comfortable and easy to wear. Adreena shawls ni ade 10 colors that you choose from. 

Boleh purchase online je, ni website die, or their facebook, or follow them on instagram, @tdlnetwork.  It is very suitable to wear anytime day or even during night time. You can style it in so many way, you can even wear it like i did which is so easy and simple. 

Great to wear on raya day as well! ;)

Here i attached the youtube video of how to wear it, enjoy ya.

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