Saturday, September 28, 2013

Adelea Jasmyne Syamsul Asyraf

Alhamdullilah alhamdullilah praise to Allah subhanahu wa ta'ala :))

There are few moments in my life that will forever seared into my memory in exact details. and entry ni is one of it. this is the story of how Adelea Jasmyne came into this world. my baby Adelea Jasmyne. our first baby. still cant believe i just give a birth to a wonderful baby girl. Monday, 23 September 2013, i knew that i'm going to be induce by a doctor that morning. the reason i kena induce is risau baby overweight and may lead to operation which i really don't want it to happened. due date sebenarnya 27 September 2013. so awal dalam 4 hari.

I went to the hospital, KPJ Ampang around 2am. doctor said i have to be at the hospital by 6am. so after had my last MCD before confinement period :p hubby and i went straight to the hospital. we check into the room around 3am. a single bedroom was full that night. we have to share with another married couple which just give birth through operation a day before. we slept about1-2 hours and then the nurse came. she started with the process. i dah start nervous sikit sikit dah masa tu. hanya Allah saja yang tahu. they induce me around 8am.

So the real process of giving birth has started. dup dap dup dap dalam hati. masa tu relax lagi sebab tak rasa sakit ape lagi. but then around 11 am ive started to feel something is not right with my tummy. contraction is getting painful from time to time. nurse datang nak check dah bukak berapa cm. its 2cm! around 1pm the pain is getting harder, i couldnt stand anymore and they brought me to the labour room and gave me some painkiller and gas to reduce my pain. i was deeply sleep after that dalam 3 jam jugak. tidur tak hengat dunia dah!

I woke up, and saw my hubby sitting next to me. the pain has gone. i feel relieved at the moment. but the journey to give birth only half way through. nurse keep coming to the labour room to check up on me. berapa cm dah bukak bla blaa blaaa. i really hate it when they doing that. so uncomfortable you know :3 and around 5pm, one indian nurse came who is really really really nice. i felt very calm when i'm with her. she asked me whether i wanted some epidural untuk process bersalin nanti. i was blur and asked her 'what is epidural?'

So after she explained, then i knew that it was a painkiller that we can choose to take or not which could lessen your pain 80% and maybe more. it cost around 1k. so bila dengar macamtu, orang yang lemah semangat macam i ni memang akan terus agree lah. haha. sakit contraction sikit tadi pon i dah macam orang gila :p so doctor bius datang half an hour after that. i thought it was going to be very painful. yelah injection kan. but it was very smooth and i didnt feel any pain at all. alhamdullilah :) lepas tu i dah start rasa kebas sikit demi sikit.

After maghrib, the nurse came to check on me, masa tu i dah bukak 6cm. so diorang nak kena pecahkan air ketuban i. orang cakap sakit kan? but sebab epidural it was less painful. rasa sikit sikit je sakitnya. then approximately around 8.15 they started with the main process of giving birth. i was really nervous like really nervous! hubby was with me all the time. he keep playing surah maryam through the phone. the doctor came afterwards and within 20 minutes, after few attempts of pushing, then i can listen my baby first cry.

I was relieved and touched :')

I saw it as a once in a lifetime event and experience. it was scary at first but at the end it is yet a good experience for me. alhamdullilah :) the baby is healthy alhamdullilah. i pon sihat syukur alhamdullilah. dah bersaling tu memang penat yang amat lah badan. i vomited few times after that sebab effect epidural. all the family members came that night. baby datang dekat bilik i around 11am selepas dah mandi semua. then they brought her back to nursery because i need a good rest that night. i fell asleep after that. malam tu dapat bilik single.

Now i tengah berpantang di rumah my mom. so after everything is under control. alhamdullilah. just malam lah kena berjaga sebab baby every hour bangun. still dah biasakan diri but i will get used to it. i have to. so thats a little bit story of my experience giving birth to Adelea Jasmyne. thank you to everyone's wishes, pray and everything. it meant a lot to me. i hope i could be the best mom for her. i love you Adelea Jasmyne. and to my hubby, thank you for taking care of me! me and Adelea loves you so very much :* okay till then,

Thank you for reading this entry!


S. Faezah said...

baby comel sgt..she got ur eyes!
congrates to u n hubby for your 1st newborn. :)

syahira yusof said...

alhamdulillah...congratz zatie n u sgt cute okay..

Anna Yasir said...

comel je baby :)

Ayu Nurhaslina said...

Waaa adorable!! Congrats!

Shazwani Ramly said...

tahniah kak izatie :) selamat berpantang. baby adelea comel sangattttt.

the malay male said...


my wife bersalin kat kpj ampang jugak... bilik 1 katil mmg cepat abisnya.

ada mokhtar said...

Alhamdulillah semuanya selamat... Tahniah dear..

Asyik Izas said...

Alhamdulillah..congratulation for u and your family..beautiful baby girl.:)

Hanida Moss said...

baby u sgt comel! alahaiii geram sgt tgk ;)

congrats :)

Hanida Moss said...

baby u sgt comel! alahaiii geram sgt tgk ;)

congrats :)

Innanie Ariffin said...

Alhamdulillah & congratulation!

Siti Hajar said...

congrates zatie. ur baby so cute. :)

tenku butang said...

tahniah yea!

done follow sini no. 2637
sudilah kiranya follow me back yea..
he2.. salam kenal.. keep in touch yea..=)

dan my 2nd blog

Anis Shafeera said...

tahniah di atas kelahiran baby yg shumel mumel ni.. :)

Chenta Ummi said...

nice entry dear.. anyway this is my 1st time view this blog and i like it so much:)

Ashiiiiiiiiia said...

alahaiii if delay 4 hari kn sama with my birthday ehehhehe.. pape pon bby u comey n putehhhh gbeu gtu :)