Saturday, January 11, 2014

Hantaran for your big day?

Price per dulang inclusive with dulang rental is rm60 , but if you are using your own dulang the price would be rm55 . I'm using all fresh flowers. Book a month earlier if possible to avoid any clash and date full booked . Any other inquiry email me at or whatsapp me at 01126101430 . Thanks 😊 

P/s: harga naik sikit from rm55 to rm60 disebabkan harga bunga pon banyak naik . So nak tanak i pon terpaksa naikkan harga sikit . Dkt Msia semua benda harga nak naik kan . Harap maklum ✌️

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Shafiq Hashim said...

cantik dn kreatif...