Saturday, July 30, 2011


People nowadays are restless, filled with hatred and jealousy. why those feeling exist? is it because people never seems to be grateful of what they have. Allah has set everything that happens on His earth as fair and equitable. everyone has their own specialty and deficiency. who are we to evaluate the events that Allah has created. have you ever thinking about it? i don't know who you really are but you already off the track. what ever you have done is unacceptable. what do you want from me actually? i don't really get your point dude.

Let's make it clear and do it nicely. can you stop doing what ever you do, or will do and you already did before. it gives you nothing in return. i promise you, you won't get anything by doing this. i will not be enticed with all the words you have said. you just wasting your time like seriously! you wasted your time stalking me, you wasted you time by creating a new email ID, you wasted your time composing email which doesn't really effect me and my partner. you are so immature. i was wondering did you often skip class during your school?

Come on! all those thing and words you have said to me will never throw me down. because in case you didn't realize, i'm just a normal human being who have brain and still can think wisely. i can think, i can differentiate, and i can observe between good things and bad things. like i said, i'm using my brain to think unlike you. i will continue living my life as usual whether you like it or not. there is so much thing i want to do and so many places i want to go and nobody can stop me from doing all the things i love and seeing people i love.

My piece of advice, go and enjoy your fantastic life :) life is full of surprises. do you ever heard about karma? what ever you do in your life, either its bad or good, you will get back in return. if you do a nice thing to another person, someday sooner or later you will be granted with something better and so vice versa. what goes around will always, remember will always comes around back. it is a cycle of life. anyway, i chose not to reply any of your sweet email and comments not because i'm a coward, but i rather consider it as a spam.



Bitter said...

kenapa ni kak?? ada org kacau akak heh?? org ni kdg2 tak suka lihat kita senang kan :))

Anonymous said...

Well said =D

nuruashia ♥ said...

nice dear :)

Anonymous said...

nape ni izzatie? mind sharing? :)

p/s:ade org tu muke berseri2 sejak blk dr msia ;p

hidayahjamal said...

what goes around comes around :)
samat ber-puasa in advance cik izatie :) oh..i wanted to report bout that milo ais basi but then, mama said forgive and forget, you won't die :') but supposedly i get my own right kan? hah, kecewa

saharinasaharudin said...

nice entry darl :)