Tuesday, September 4, 2012

GoKart ShahAlam

Hello hello heyyooo! ;) how are you doing all my lovely readers? miss me? this blog is lacking with new updates. i know i know. since dah balik Malaysia ni, i have no idea what to write anymore plus i'm quite busy with so many things. lagi lagi during weekdays i ade kelas. cerita ade sokmo tapi i'm too lazy to put it into words. ni pon update sebab i terjaga tengah tengah malam and tak tahu nak buat apa. baru lepas makan nasi putih dengan ayam paprik (1.30pagi) :p

Nak dijadikan cerita, my day is full with classes. monday is a very busy day. from 8am to 6pm. penat gila wey! pastu nak kena drive pulak dari Subang to Gombak haishh tambah dengan traffic jam lagi petang petang. plus semalam i went for a GoKart with friends. i had a rheumatic pain all over my body. macam otot terkejut gitu. itulaa jarang exercise lagi :O so sebab penat semalam tak habis lagi, i pon sadai habis malam ni. sampai rumah lepas maghrib terus tidur.

So let me share something about this Gokart experience. the track located at Stadium Shah Alam. i and acap bertolak from Gombak around 3 in the afternoon. sebelum tu i pi ambik my cousin dekat UM. i supposed to go to Shah Alam at 2. dah janji with my fiancee. but i arrived Gombak quite late around 2.30pm. acap dah pok pek pok pek bising. then end up dia yang lambat sebab ade kerja sikit dengan abang dia. i pulak yg pok pek pok pek lepas tu hahahahaha.

Acap fetch me at home then we go straight to Shah Alam. arrived there in 20 minutes and everyone were there already. semua mostly geng pi Perhentian Island haritu. ramai jugak. we conquer the track :p acap main GoKart for 2 rounds. yg personal GoKart tu 80cc kot if i'm not mistaken rm40 for about 10 minutes. you can go for 6-7 laps depends on your speed. i teringin jugak nak naik but acap tak kasi, he didn't trust me enough with this kind of 'thing'.

He said its too challenging for me. so i pon duduk jelah diam2 kerja tangkap gambar orang je. hihi then after diorang dah settled with two laps, i ajak acap naik GoKart yang boleh naik dua orang at a time, with two steering and one oil/break paddle. this time, i drove. acap just helping me with the steering control. it seems easy but once you on track, you will feel the challenges. haha i ada problem nak pusing dekat corner . stereng dia keras gila okay!

But i manage to finish until the last laps successfully! a big hand applause for me :D hehe its a good experience tough. best dapat try benda baru. rasa nak pi lagi je lepas niiii! so that's pretty much of it. hujung minggu i jugak full with open houses. there's more next week. been eating lots of good food for the last few weeks. syawal sebulan so raya pon sebulan lah. so how was your weekend? till then, i will write soon insyaAllah if there's an interesting story :)

Thank you for reading this entry!


piko ija said...

aik...first time tgk go kart 2 seat nie..kne try la...:)

eynda said...

Best pulak tengok orang naik go kart... ok la 10 minit pun :-)

Aleda Boyd said...

cute photo! teringin jugak nak try. tp takut! =)


Anthony Teyo said...

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