Friday, September 28, 2012

Asyraf's graduation day

Hi hello! amazingly i have a story to share with everyone :)) its about my fiancee's graduation day. so from where should i start, the event started around 9.30 in the morning. so around 7.30 i datang rumah acap and parked the car over there since dah janji nak pi together with his mom and his sister. acap pi dulu sebab yelah kan ada briefing semua tu kan. so around 8 i, kak nonie and mak acap bertolak from Gombak, heading to One World Hotel, Petaling Jaya.

So on our way to the hotel, acap called his sister and told that he had an accident!!! i was really shocked and worried at that time. tapi kak nonie cakap he was fine he was okay so relived sikit lah. then we went straight to acap to fetch him. kejadian berlaku dalam 2 km from the hotel. susur masuk ke jalan LDP. the car agak teruk jugak sebab langgar divider. but acap was okay alhamdullilah :) he lost control the car sebab jalan agak slippery that time :O

Then we straight go to the hotel for the ceremony, acap was a bit late tapi okay lah sebab event pon tak start lagi. kak nonie drop us off and she went back to the incident location to settle up few things and comes back later. alhamdullilah semuanya okay aje ;) btw, the ceremony went well. my fiancee has officially graduated from KDU University College. i am so proud of you! we are so very truly proud of you. and paling penting, you looking so great today! hehe ikhlas ni.

Lepas dah selesai penyampaian scroll, we headed for lunch at the outside of the ballroom. the room was crowded with people, i managed to buy him a flower bouquet inclusive with the teddy bear hihi hope you like it sayang. hadiah convo nanti i kasi ye? makan makan sembang sembang with his mother and sister then we decided to take a picture with the handsome boy. then i, kak nonie, and his mom gerak balik dulu, acap stayed there with his friends.

Around 4 macamtu i datang ambik dia since his car has broke down. we went straight to the police station at ttdi to make a police report and few other places then terus pulang ke rumah. acap pon dah kepenatan. hihi overall i really had an awesome and great and lovely day. congratulations sayang on your graduation! i sentiasa doakan you success selalu dalam hidup. in whatever situation or under any circumstances, i will always be there to support you. i promise you. i am so happy that i could celebrate it with you heeeeee :))

So basically thats it, thank you for reading this entry!


cikpinky said...

sweetnye pic last :)

Halif Mohamad said...

Sweet couple.

cik hani said...

congratess to your fiance.. sweet

Adi Zhaf said...

sweet sweet sweet :)

Aswad Asae said...

semoga berkekalan.btw, sweet sangat korang^^