Sunday, January 20, 2013


I have embraced so many beautiful memories in my life, but the one i admire the most was when i became your wife. You truly shows me that you could really took care of me since the first day we get married. I am so happy and proud to call you my hubby. Love me always and i promise i will love you until the last day i breath. I oath that i will be a very good wife to you. I will improve my cooking skill :p And i will make you happy always and always and always. Thank you for everything
p/s: dah sebulan lebih dah kite kahwin hihi
Sincerely from your wife,


Hanida Moss said...

sweetness ni..

Fienazzuki said...

I dah baru on my blog...
Lambat wish ek???
But it's okay..
Selamat Pengantin Baru!

combi said...

wish u happy ever after dear :)

dya said...

wahhh..sweet lehh

Nana Farhana said...

sweetnyerrrr....tahniah dear..smga hubungan ini berkekalan hgga syurga k =)

haNem said...

bile nak jumpe kazenk? hohoho