Saturday, June 8, 2013

Tokyo Trip

Salam semua :) i supposed its not too late for me to update about my trip to Tokyo. just a brief story about it. for the last few weeks ive been quite busy with assignments and presentation. 3 weeks left before the final exam! should i be happy or not? :p btw, i went to Tokyo on mid of May, trip ni for 9 days. i went there with my hubby, my in laws, kak nonie, abg zahir, abg sham, kak sarah, kak linda, hakim, adyan and little mika. 10  orang kesemuanya. we took Air Asia flight to Haneda Airport, Tokyo. perjalanan ke Tokyo mengambil masa 8 jam!

Touchdown at Haneda Airport around 11 pm. dah lewat malam. we took shuttle bus straight to our hostel. we stayed at Asakusa Hostel which cost cheaper than staying at the hotel. it was a dorm. everyone staying in the same room. it was really fun! tidur makan semua sekali plus ada dua cute entertainer, si adyan and little mika. it was an enjoyable moment. we stayed for 5 nights if im not mistaken. close to Asakusa train station and Asakusa city. walking distance je.

Kitorang pergi banyak sangat tempat during 6 hari dekat Tokyo. from Asakusa to Ueno to Shibuya to Roponggi to Ginza and to few other places which i cant recall. keluar pagi balik malam. alhamdullilah i'm able to walk quite a lot everyday. doctor pon ada kasi ubat special for me sebab i pon time tu pregnant 5 months already kan hihi. basically,Tokyo is a great place to visit! quite pack with people all the time especially at train station. memang ramai sangat orang setiap masa!

In terms of foods and cost wise, i would say its quite easy to survive in Tokyo. yes its true its hard to find halal food except for Kebab. but we still can eat their famous Tendon and Tempura which are make from Prawn and Fish 100%. the price is average and affordable. plus if you rajin, you can also bring some instant food from Msia. Tokyo tak macam Australia. senang je nak bawak masuk makanan and no need to declare anything. best kan? currency rate 100yen=rm3.

Within 100yen we can buy a bottle of mineral or soft drink at the vending machine. shopping? quite cheap for certain items and brands. kena pandai cari lah. but souvenir memang mahal berkicap. the cheapest keychain i could get was rm9 i think. and they dont insist bargain. kedekut. tapi kalau barang lain harga dia okay lah lebih kurang dekat Msia je. except masa pergi Factory Outlet. quite a few factory outlet dekat Tokyo. macam JPO lah lebih kurang. 

This was at Ueno, a textile city. full with Japanese cotton. cantik gila seriously rasa nak beli semua je! price not bad but affordable. i beli lah jugak dua tiga pasang. iyelah dah datang jauh jauh kan bukan senang so borong jelah. rasa macam tak puas je datang sini. we went here for two times. second time si abe abe tak ikut sebab diorang mana minat kain kan. so i, kak nonie, kak sarah and kak linda spent the whole day dekat sini while the boys pi lepak tempat lain with the kids hehe. solat pon susah so terpaksa solat je dimana mana :)

UNIQLO 6 TINGKAT! tapi sama je harga dengan Msia :p

After 6 days in Tokyo, we went to Mount Fuji and stayed there for 2 night. perjalanan from Tokyo City to Mount Fuji took about 2 hours by bus. but we are not lucky enough sebab dapat tengok Mount Fuji sekejap sekejap je sebab weather asyik hujan so berkabus. but it is a really great place to go for a holiday. a quiet and calm city. rasa macam tak cukup je duduk sini 2 malam. i feel like going back here again! overall, we really had a great trip. best, happy and very enjoyable! so where next? :p next big holiday would be next year! tunggu hihi.

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Thank you for reading this entry :))


Shazwani Ramly said...

happy holiday :) haha. dh makin comel dah kak zatie sbb ade baby dlm perut. heee bahagia.

nana kamarul said...

Bestnyeeee! Souvenir untuk I ade tak? Ahahaha! Glad you had a wonderful time. Nanti jumpe boleh cite panjang2 lagi hokeyh!