Thursday, February 16, 2012

You are the best

Holla! :)) look at me, i just can't stop smiling. hehehehehehe happynyeww saya harini. tadi petang budak budak wollongong datang Gombak. my mom brought them to KKlub Melawati and we're having our late lunch over there. after that, diorang lepak di rumah saya minum minum petang sampai lah maghrib. things that has excite me more is, my boyfriend just spent the whole evening at my home sweet home. he also got to meet my friends from Wollongong.

We played games, watch movie and he even stay for dinner just now. thank you sayang! you are the best boyfriend in the whole wide world :* my brother is going to Pangkor Island tonight with his friends. have a safe journey along! my dad is coming back on 25th. a day before my flight back to Australia. so i dapat lah jumpa dia before i balik ke Wollongong nanti. btw, i have an interesting issue to talk about. are you interested? okay then just continue reading,

Somehow sometimes, i feel like people just cant stop talking about other people, i mean in a bad way. kalau cerita benda baik sangatlah digalakkan dah diharuskan. tapi vice versa ni agak rumit sikit. for me, it doesn't make me worried or upset but i just feel a little bit weird with this kind of people. especially those people who don't even know us in person. do they really know what they are talking about? but if they do, i don't give a fart about it. really.

Like seriously, they have no idea at all what they're doing and talking about. i realize that i had no control over what someone else think and it shouldn't even effect how i feel, they can talk and they can do whatever they want. its their life, its their right, agree? i don't really mind you talking as long as you don't mind me not listening or even care? keep talking and keep attracting people's attention because it actually defines who you really are. i mean your true color.

Hehe i found it a bit funny when i realize somebody is actually talking about me (true story). you actually making me the center of the world, or to be exact the centre of YOUR world. yelah kan since you were never stop talking about someone else(me). my advice, just keep your own business and stop bothering other people's life. no no it doesn't bother me. not at all. what the right word for it mm? stop being NOSEY! or do you want be to be your idol or role model ?

Just say it, i dont really mind :)

I am sorry if this post sounds a bit bitchy or whatever. whoever agree with me, please put your hands up! :D huahuahuahuaa. i tahu mesti ramai yang angkat tangan. i just writing this in general. iyelaa kan manusia macam macam karenah. especially this kind of behavior, talking bad about other people, talking bad behind people's back, two-faced kind of people. ohhh banyak lah lagi jenis. kalau i list down dekat sini memang berjela jelaa. ape pon tak boleh.

Enough said, i am happy with my life and it is more than enough. i have everything i ever needed. my family who love me, my boyfriend who loves me, my friends who care about me. and people around me who always support and be there for me :) alhamdullilah. as long as i tak kacau hidup orang, tak menyusahkan hidup orang, i think i am still on the right track. sedikit kuliyyah sebelum tidur untuk peringatan semua hehe. renung2kan dan selamat beramal!

Terima kasih yee baca entri ini :)

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LittleGurl said...

i put on my hands up just now! ;))