Friday, June 15, 2012

Exam is over and holiday just started :)

Hellooooo!!! :) miss me miss me? i know you guys do. i miss everyone too :p alhamdullilah finally the exam is already over! it has been hectic for the last 3 days. i do not get enough sleep at night, i loss my appetite recently due to hm maybe over-thinking. but i'm back on track! exam? it was okay. corporate finance was a bit tough and confusing, financial accounting was okay, management accounting was alright and macroeconomic policy is the toughest! 

Tapi usaha? sudah. doa? pon sudah but i will keep on praying. tawakal je sekarang ni hopefully result okay. amin :) for those yang tak habis exam lagi, all the best okay! ive started packing my stuff since i will be going back soon enough. i mean this coming Sunday! :) esok nak keluar cari barang sikit and hantar kunci rumah to my agent. yes again, i was locked out. tapi ni disebabkan i lupa bawak kunci rumah. so the situation is better than the last time :p

I currently listening to Adele full album songs at Youtube. nanti nak beli album dia nanti because i really really love her and her voice. she is just great! my current favourite song is Turning Table. i feel really good now. seriously after putting so much effort for the exam. pagi siang malam and perasaan bila dah habis exam tu seriously rasa macam nak meloncat sampai ke bintang je. haha exaggerate habis kan? maybe it just me. over excited nak balik Msia hihi.

So perhaps, after this you will be reading about my holiday break in Malaysia. ada few places that i will go during this break. holiday with friends, holiday with family, and i am looking forward for my own event during mid July. so excited about it and happy :) and of course, there's a long list of foods i'm craving to eat. its been a week i tak makan makanan Msia. i mean food that i cook. since i beli je the last 5 days. malas nak masak sebab exam hewhewhew.

I dah siap text my mom suruh buat pulut dengan durian nanti hihi. i memang dok teringin nak makan durian dah lama dah. dekat sini ade jugak jual durian but sebijik bole dapat dalam 30 bucks. equal to rm90 plus minus. membazir tak agak agak kalau beli? tapi kalau teringin sangat, beli jelah kan. tapi since i pon dah nak balik so kena tahan nafsu makan tu sekejap. nanti balik, boleh bantai makan puas puas. rm90 boleh dapat satu lori durian rasanya kan haha :p

So i guess that's all for today. just a random babbling. doakan perjalanan i ke Malaysia selamat and smooth ye :) nanti i akan update once dah settle down in KL. i will be a bit busy during my first week in KL. tapi insyaAllah i will a find time to update this blog. i nak sambung kemas barang. tengah dok risau ni sebenarnya macam tak muat bag je. i bawak balik bag tecik je sebab malas nak bawak bag besar. so yeah, take care everyone! and have a lovely weekend 

Thank you for reading this entry!


saharinasaharudin said...

happy holiday zatie :D

Farahin Ahmad said...

bestnyee dah habes exam..take care izatie :D

Wawa.Wafiyyah said...

i is jelly....tak viva lg , exam pon blom habis lagi

farah a.rahim said...

wohoo~ exam's over!
happy holiday :)

Senorita Nadira said...

Huee bestnya dah cuti !
anyway the picture above is sooooo lovely ! <3

Syakilla kebebeh said...

happy holiday awak..:)

p/s: lagu dlm blog awak ni feberet kita juga..:)

[loveyourlife] said...

happy holiday zatie! hv fun in malaysia! :))

nana kamarul said...

macam kenal je gambar #3 duduk yang paling kiri sekali tu. Ahahahaha! Anyw, let's meet up before ehem ehem ok!